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Impact Capital Partner (ICP) is a family office focused on advancing--and investing in--innovative solutions that improve quality of life and every dimension of well-being. As entrepreneurial capitalists and pragmatic idealists, we go big on vision and dive deep on due diligence.

We are blind to industry, choosing instead to seek out the brightest ideas and best people to drive concepts to and through commercialization. As partners, we offer value-added services to generate and accelerate sales and fundraising traction. Where we see a potential trajectory of exponential growth, we put capital behind our conviction and seek syndicate investors to maximize impact and velocity. 

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Impact Health Evolution


Our roots go back nearly 30 years to the founding of Impact Health as a biometric testing company focused on improving employee health and preventing chronic disease. During the global pandemic, Impact Health evolved into a first response, rapid deployment health care company delivering COVID-19 testing and vaccination solutions across the country in both the public and private sectors. As Impact Health emerged from the public health crisis, driven by a mission to expand the scope of our impact, we transformed into Impact Capital Partner.

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